Today I’m sharing the 3 things you’d never know about choosing a Real Estate Agent:

1: Pick someone that makes you feel comfortable. You’re going to be spending a lot of time communicating with this person throughout the process of buying or selling so it’s important that you trust their judgement and enjoy working with them.



2. Choose someone who has a passion for their job but also has boundaries. Real Estate Agents never have an actual day off where the industry shuts down until 8:00 AM Monday morning. They are always “on” and it’s important to work with someone who will be available to you but who also has boundaries. If they don’t work Sunday’s (unless it’s an emergency) because they spend time with family, respect that about them because they will be a lot happier and energetic serving you if they respect themselves as well.



3. There is a lot more to buying a home than opening up doors to pretty houses and a lot more to selling a home than sticking a for sale sign in your yard. There are several steps between an accepted offer and closing on a home that you might not even be aware of. So you want to find out what your agent does to get you to the closing table successfully and what it’s like to work with them. There is more to the agent you choose than the commission they charge or the number of listings they’ve sold. Dig deeper than that!


victoria roberts